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The best Vietnam travel links ever


Viet Nam time line 1930 - 2007   BBC News


The Socialist Republic of Vietnam Country profile


Travel advisories - US State Department


The Consulate General of Vietnam  - San Francisco


The Vietnamese Embassy - Washington, DC


Vietnam Administration of Tourism


Victory (Thang Loi) Guest House:   A friendly, hidden spot in Saigon's city centre               



Rooms for Rent - Miss Thao   The guest house another good spot. 



Two of the larger in country, bargain travelers cafes offering everything from day tours to open tour buses running from Saigon to Ha Noi excellent source for bargain priced travel options


Vietnam has a narrow gauge railroad running from Saigon up to Hanoi on to Haiphong or up to the Chinese boarder across from Lao Cai This will give you the schedules, costs and type of car service offered.  The train is A lovely, interesting, however slow alterative to traveling via the friendly skies or on the chaotic highways.  Excellent independent  site -                Vietnamese Official site -

Primmer on Mini van travel costs:                            

 Hydrofoil schedule - Bach Dang Wharf  (foot of Nguyen Hue)                Saigon to Vung Tao -


 Loads of inside information on Vietnam and other interesting stuff                                                               Http://

Vietnam Venture Group, Inc., Enterprise Service Providers and Handicraft Traders in Thailand and Vietnam 

Vietnam Travel Directory - loads of interesting links



American Academy of Experts in Traumatic Stress

-          An Approach to Dealing with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorders (PTSD) in Vietnam Veterans - by  Daryl S. Paulson


 The Legacy of Valor  - Vietnam era helicopter images and artifacts                                  

 The guys guide to hanging in Cambodia an expats life in  Sihanoukville, Phnom Penh  , nightlife, lodging, teaching English and a bunch of assorted tales from the folks who have been there doing it.

Ever wonder about land mines? If so, this sight will blow your mind!             

Capital Guest House and tour the guys with the boats from Chao Doc up to Phnom Penh - overall they seem to be the big guys in Cambodia budget tours   Seem to have to large a monopoly for my taste -

So a room just won't due and your thinking villa - America's, Europe or Thailand.  Here is your holiday rental source..  



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